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3 Awesome Customizations To Add To The Exterior Of Your Home

by Arnold Gomez

When it comes to customizing the exterior of your home, you have so many amazing options to look into and choose from. The most important thing to remember is that this is your home and you should go personalize it in a way that you are going to love. This article will discuss three awesome customizations to add to the exterior of your home. 

Log Cabin Exterior 

Rather than having the normal brick, stucco, or combination exterior to your home, you can instead have your custom home builder create a gorgeous log cabin exterior. This will not only give your home a beautiful country look, but will likely really set it apart from the other homes in your area. The great thing about having a log cabin exterior is the fact that you can still have the interior of your home look however you would like. This often keeps both spouses happy and gives you the best of both worlds. 

Wrap Around Porch

Most people dream of having a porch that wraps all of the way around their home so that they can enjoy the view from any direction. Rather than just having this be your dream, instead make it a reality. Explain to your custom home builder what you have in mind, and the two of you can create the perfect porch for you. You can customize it by adding whatever railing that you'd like, or any additions that you want built into it, such as a built-in grill, a porch swing, custom pillars, etc. 

Customized Garage 

Rather than just having the standard two-car garage that is built onto most homes, you should consider customizing your garage instead. You can have it extended in size to fit three or even four cars, or you could simply extend it to have room for a shop within your garage. This would make your garage more useful to you and would allow you to complete several projects you couldn't otherwise do, such as building furniture, changing the oil in your car, etc. If you want your garage to double as a game room, or if you know that you will be outside a lot using it during all months of the year, then it is a good idea to insulate it and fully finish it. You can even add things like heated floors and have a heating unit placed in it if you'd like. 

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