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3 Tips To Minimize Stress When Moving

by Arnold Gomez

Moving is never fun. Regardless of whether you are moving across the country or just to the next town over, it can take a lot out of you. Not only do you have to pack all of your personal belongings up to prepare for the move, but you have to be prepared to load, unload and unpack them as well. It's time-consuming and labor intensive. While making a move might be in your best interest, that doesn't make it any less stressful. To find out more about what you can do to minimize stress after your move, check out the information below.

Moving Liquids

When moving liquids, you don't want to end up with a mess everywhere. You want to make sure everything is packed securely and safely. Your best bet is to transfer all of your liquids into a container that you can seal or tape the lid down to secure it. Then, place your items inside of a waterproof bag and inside a box. Make sure your items are standing up and mark the box with arrows telling you which way to put the box. You don't want to tip the box and end up with a mess everywhere. If you are using a moving company, you might want to ask to see if there are items they aren't willing to move.

Loose Items

Any smaller items that don't really have a place to go should be placed inside of a sealed bag or box before being put inside of a larger box. This will make sure all of the items are together and arrive securely at their final destination. The added large box will just give you an extra layer of protection in making sure your items are safe.

Bolts and Screws

If there are any loose bolts or screws, you want to tape them underneath of your furniture. Not only does this make sure the screws are close to their respective pieces of furniture, but it prevents you from having to figure out what went where. Make sure any loose parts are placed into a baggie first and then secure them to the underside of your furniture.

While these are only three tips, there are plenty of others as well. The key is taking your time and planning ahead of time to minimize any chaos and confusion when it comes time to move everything.

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