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A Few Things To Look For When Renting An Apartment Near The University For Your Child

by Arnold Gomez

When your child goes away to college, the problem of where he or she will live comes into play. Living on campus in the dormitories is one option. However, this is not always possible. Coming up with all the fees associated with this may be a problem, there may not be on-campus housing, or perhaps your child tried it for one year and found it did not work out well. They could join a group, like a fraternity or sorority that has some type of housing, rent a house with a few friends, or rent an apartment near the university. You may find that an apartment is your best option if you know what to look for.

The Unit and its Furnishings

Many apartment complexes near the university will come furnished. However, you need to ask to go through a few of the apartments to look at the furnishings. While they do not need to be fancy, they should still be of decent quality and in decent condition. If you notice that everything is about ready to fall apart, go to the next complex. You do not want to end up paying for damages to furniture that was nowhere near to new condition. Make sure you ask to see the actual unit your child might be living in and not just the model unit. Look for signs of bugs, water leaks or other problems that should be taken care of before anyone moves in.


Many establishments will also have the utilities included in the monthly price. If the complex offers Wi-Fi, how many people are using it at one time? There should be more than one network to handle the complex. Ask for a temporary password and try it out yourself. Also, be sure that there is no cap on the electric or other utilities. You do not want to end up with an unexpected bill because your child kept the lights on, or did a lot of cooking in the oven.


While things like a swimming pool, recreation room, and exercise area are nice, they are going to add to the monthly costs. However, you do want to make sure there is some type of kitchen in the unit and laundry facilities on the premises. It is also nice if there is a landline phone system available for those times your child does something to his or her cell phone.

Having a child go away to college is a big step for both you and the child. When you are paying for his or her apartment and utilities, and sending money for food, you don't have to worry they are out on the streets or going hungry because a roommate didn't pay his or her share. In addition, when your child lives in an apartment near the university, you can be sure that help is nearby until you can get there.

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