A Multi-Family Home

How To Make The Most Out Of A Studio Apartment

by Arnold Gomez

Studio apartments are usually fairly small in size, usually consisting of the kitchen, living and bedroom space all in one open and common area, and a small bathroom. Your studio apartment can be made to feel larger with a few creative decorating and storage tips. See below for a few of these helpful tips. 

Divide The Space

Since there aren't any walls dividing your space, you'll need to do this yourself.

  • Entryway. Give your entryway a foyer space by adding an open cube shelf. You can store baskets with your trinkets in the shelves, or store shoes in the bottom shelf space.
  • Living Area. Use your couch or club chairs as a divider in your living room to divide it from the kitchen area. Add a nice area rug to also help define this space. Use a rug with bold colors to help make the space pop.

Use Creative Storage

There isn't a lot of space for storage in a small studio apartment, so you can either store all of your items in a storage unit, or you can be a little more creative with your storage solutions. 

  • Under Bed Storage. Use a platform bed with plenty of storage space underneath to store things like shoes and clothing. 
  • Install Shelving. Add floating shelves to store electronics and movies in your living space, or install them in your bedroom and  bathroom to store necessities and accessories. Add decorative baskets to help hide these items and to give it some decorative appeal.

Invest In Multi-Functional Or Foldable Furniture

Furniture that can double as something else is a good idea when you have small space. Use a table that can double as a desk. For extra sleeping space, you can also look into a futon bed or a sleeper sofa. A Murphy bed that can be folded up into the wall will also help save you space.

Add Height

To help add height and make your apartment appear larger you can add floor length curtains that are hung high near the ceiling. This gives the illusion of height. You can also attach your curtains a little further outside of the window to allow more light into the apartment. This will also make your apartment feel larger. 

Use Neutral Paint

If you are able to paint your apartment, be sure to keep the colors as light and neutral as possible. The lighter colors will help to make your apartment feel larger in size. You can add small pops of color in your area rug, with wall decor or with throw pillows. 

Just because your apartment is small, doesn't mean it can't feel like a larger space. Be creative with your storage and decor, keep your paint neutral and allow plenty of light.