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Going To College? Four Reasons To Prioritize Off-Campus Housing

by Arnold Gomez

Renting an apartment may seem like the last thing you want to do if you are preparing to leave for college and want a traditional college experience. While living in a dorm room has some benefits, it can be costly and come with a number of other problems you may not have considered.

If you are uncertain of whether an apartment is the right move for you while attending college, consider some of the benefits below.

Focus on Getting a College Education

Living in a dorm room can come with being surrounded by other students at all times—whether they are loud or not. This can make it hard to focus, especially if your dorm mates are often bringing guests over. With the privacy of an apartment, you can focus on your schoolwork and enjoy the quiet that most dorms cannot provide.

Get More Space for Comfort

Dorm rooms are often limited in square footage due to the number of units that the college has to provide. This can lead to your room feeling smaller than you're used to, especially if this is your first place away from the home you grew up in. With an apartment, you will likely have a larger living area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. In some cases, you may even get a balcony or patio—something that is not available for most dorms.

Pick Your Roommates

Another freedom that apartments can come with is the ability to pick your own roommates. When living in a dorm, you are often assigned to a roommate or two. This can lead to disagreements and unhappiness over your living arrangement.

By renting an apartment and being the main manager of the unit, you can hold interviews and choose roommates that you think you will be compatible with.

Avoid On-Campus Limitations

Living in a dorm room often comes with more responsibilities due to rules in place from your college. From random health and safety inspections to fire preventive measures, you can expect a higher set of standards for rules in a dorm compared to your own apartment.

Living in an apartment can be a smart alternative to staying in a dorm, but it may not be what you first envisioned when starting college. By keeping in mind the benefits you will be able to enjoy while living in an apartment, you can move forward with the decision to begin renting an apartment instead. Contact a complex like Meadowdale Apartments to see what apartments are offered.