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Clearing Overgrown Property Safely And Efficiently

by Arnold Gomez

Is there an area of your property that is overgrown and just doesn't look very nice? Doing a thorough clean-up of the area can be a time consuming, but worthy task. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help you get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible.

Time the Project

The best time to begin clearing an overgrown area is early spring – before the plant life has had a chance to take over. At this time, the ground will be soft and the plants will be brittle so the job will be a little easier for you than it would be if you were to wait until summer or fall.

Walk Through the Area

Before you begin ripping out plants and chopping down small trees, take a walk through the area with a hand full of ribbons. Inspect trees and plants to learn if they would be something that you might want to keep. If you don't like the area that the plant or small tree is growing, you can dig it up and plant it elsewhere on your property. When you find something you want to keep, tie a ribbon on it so that you don't get crazy and mow it down later in the process.

As you walk through the area, look for any holes in the ground that could cause you to fall or break the equipment you will be using. Pound a stake into the ground and tie a ribbon to it to make it visible.

Dress Appropriately

Overgrown areas will be rich with bug life. Make sure to wear long pants while working. Tuck your pants into tube socks to make sure that those pesky little insects don't crawl up into your plant legs. Ticks, spiders and other insects can cause you to become ill, so don't forget to take this precaution.

Plan for Disposal

You will need to do something with all of the waste that you are removing. Many areas have laws in place that could prevent you from burning the trimmings. Check with your local court house before you burn.

If burning is prohibited or you prefer to get rid of the waste in a more efficient way, a dumpster rental service could help. You can rent a dumpster just for lawn waste and have it dropped off just before you begin the project and quickly picked up after your work is complete.

If you don't have the time or energy to get this project complete on your own, know that there are professional services that will do it for you. Your overgrown property can become usable and beautiful once again. To learn more, contact a company like Seabreeze Property Services