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How To Remove Bats And Squirrels From Your Cottage And Keep Them Out!

by Arnold Gomez

If you have a small cottage in the country, and are dealing pest animals such as squirrels or bats, you need to evict them. This can be done without harming the animals. Once they are removed, you can seal your cottage up and prevent them from reentering.


Bats can sneak into your home through any small opening. They are beneficial creatures because they eat insects, however you might not want them flying around your home. So, what you need to do is move them outside. This is a tricky process, but it is doable.

First, you need to buy a batbox. These are small plywood housing units that are designed for multiple bats. They can be attached to a tree, garage, or even the outside of your house. The bats will fly into them and roost. This will help distract them from your homes attic.

The second step is to remove the bats from a home involves the use of exclusionary nets. These nets allow bats to fly out but prevent them from returning to the home. The nets placed over the areas where the bats enter and exit the house. The nets have a single small exit that is designed as a one-way door. It's best to hire a professional for the installation. They are skilled in determining where the proper area is to install the netting, as well as when it is time to take it down and seal up the hole permanently.

It's also a good idea to already have the bat house up, because the displaced bats will be looking for somewhere to roost.


Squirrels are one of the most troublesome house pests. You can hear them rummaging behind the walls. They will find small, difficult to reach spaces in your attic to build their nests.

One big problem with catching squirrels is that you will often leave behind their babies. Squirrels break into attics in order to give birth. They seek the warmth and security of a homes attic. If you set up traps at the wrong time you are only going to trap the adult squirrels. The babies are too young to be caught in traps because they won't leave the nest without the mother until they are several weeks old.

For this reason, it's best to hire a professional squirrel removal expert. They will determine if the squirrels have babies. This can be done either by visibly searching for a nest, or by checking a calendar to see if it is the time of year when squirrels give birth.

If there is a nest present, or if it is during the season when young squirrels are born, then you should wait several weeks until the young squirrels are strong enough to move about with the mother. They can then be trapped and you can have the removal expert set up exclusionary nets.

The correct procedure involves a strategy that encompasses non-lethal traps and exclusionary nets. The traps are activated by the squirrels body-weight. A piece of food is placed inside a cage. When the squirrel enters, a spring shuts the door so they cannot leave. The cages allow them to have air so they don't die. The pest control expert will later collect the traps and set the squirrels free in an outdoor location. Click to read more.