A Multi-Family Home

The Advantages Of Mobile Homes Over An Apartment

by Arnold Gomez

When searching for affordable housing, two options often stand out: apartments and mobile homes. While apartments are the more common decision, there are several reasons why a mobile home is a better option than an apartment.

There Are Many Options For Where You Place Your Mobile HOme

Decide on whether you will park your mobile home at a mobile home park or purchase land. While purchasing land might be more expensive upfront, if you plan to live on the property in the long-term, your expenses will be lower. You will also have something that you have built equity in. Then, you have the opportunity to borrow against your mobile home's equity, providing you with more flexibility if you need a large loan.

Rent Is Less Expensive

Rent tends to be much less expensive for a mobile home park. Once you have finished paying off the cost of your mobile home, you will have fewer bills to worry about each month.

Control The Design Of Your Home

One of the advantages of a mobile home is that you can choose to do whatever you want with it. If you want to make modifications to your apartment, you often have to ask and the answer is usually "no."

More Quiet And Secluded

Mobile home parks are often in quieter and more secluded areas. Apartments tend to be located in more urban areas, which tend to have higher crime. For urban areas with lower crime, the apartments are often more expensive. Also, with apartments, you can have loud neighbors and parties that can continue into the night.

If you are an elderly resident, mobile home parks can be ideal if you join one that only allows older residents. Those who are elderly are less likely to commit crimes or make noise. There are also some parks that are intended for family living.

Access Private Outdoor Space

You will receive a small piece of land with a mobile home. With an apartment, the most that you will receive is a patio. Some apartments do not even come with balconies.

Mobile Home Rental Options Available

If you are only interested in renting, consider renting a mobile home in addition to renting the land to place it on. By renting a mobile home, you will not have to worry about losing money through the depreciation of the mobile home. Also, it will be much easier to leave