A Multi-Family Home

Space Saving Tips You Can Borrow From Tiny Apartments

by Arnold Gomez

The trend of living in a tiny or micro apartment swept across Europe and has now become very popular within the United States. The idea of living simply with less material things, for a better price appeals to many. You can borrow some space saving tips from these micro apartments and apply them to your own apartment – even if you have a couple hundred more feet of space.

Stowaway Beds

A stowaway bed is perfect for a bachelor or micro apartment. Instead of leaving a large queen size or king sized bed taking up half the room in your apartment, why not have one you can stow up into the wall, or that serves as a storage unit? This will give you space for a table, desk or if you choose a bed that stows into a window seating unit, you could have a place by your balcony window to sit and enjoy the view. They are great for storage too, as many apartments don't have enough closet space for everything you would like to put away.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Instead of having both a desk to work on and a table to invite guests to dinner, have a multi-purpose piece in which you can add a leaf to a dining table and create a dinner space, or that you can take out the leaf and transform it into a desk for your work-space. This cuts down on the amount of furniture you need in your home and definitely takes up less space. Your bed can also be used for dual purposes, many beds have storage compartments underneath them or even drawers on the side.

Hang Kitchen Tools

While your apartment most likely comes with cabinets, you can hang kitchen tools like frying pans and mixing utensils onto the wall instead of leaving them on the stove, or on a countertop. This frees up work-space to create your delicious meals and for appliances like a coffee maker, toaster and even a microwave. This helps to de-clutter your kitchen and make it appear larger than it is.

Replace Folding Doors with Curtains

A very simple but effective space saver in your bedroom is to replace the folding doors usually used in bedroom closets with a curtain. Folding doors take up space when you open them and make the room appear smaller than it is. A curtain will hang exactly in the door-frame and when you push it open, it won't take up additional space in your room, which makes it much easier to get what you are looking for in your closet.

For help finding the right apartment for you, talk to a professional.