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Tips For Buying A Home - Why Listening To Your Real Estate Agent Can Make All Of The Difference

by Arnold Gomez

Buying a home can feel like an incredibly personal process. While you may have a real estate agent on hand to help you through the process, there will always be final decisions that will be up to you. Here are four areas of the home buying process where your real estate agent is looking out for your best interests.

1. Looking at Fixer-Uppers

While there are buyers that really want a move-in ready home, this might not fit in with your budgetary needs. If your real estate agent can get you into an ideal neighborhood with a home that might need a little work, this might not be the end of the world. Real estate agents along with inspectors can give you honest advice on whether the work needed will be superficial or extensive. If a home just needs a fresh coat of paint and new appliances, it might be worth the effort and additional expenses. 

2. Going a Little Out of Your Price Range

Your real estate agent might urge you to look into homes that are a little out of your price range. You might see this as a way for your agent to gain more commission. Chances are they are hoping to get you to see what a little more of a down payment can get you in the long run when it comes to a home's features and neighborhood possibilities.

3. Getting in Offers Quickly

In some real estate markets, acting fast is important and timing is of the essence. You might be feeling pressured by your agent to get in an offer. This is ultimately up to you, but you might miss out on getting in an offer within the set deadline. Many times real estate agents will know from seller's agents when offers will be reviewed and are looking out for you in the process.

4. Shying Away from Lowball Offers

Depending on the housing market in your specific area, homes may be selling at the asking price or even above this. If you find your dream home but aren't excited about the price, your real estate agent might still suggest you go in at or above the selling price. If you are adamant about making an offer under the asking price, you might feel as if you are being conservative, but you might also lose your chance in a competitive market.

While you might not always like your real estate's advice, in some cases you should really listen up. Buying a home is a major life event, so having an outside perspective and sound advice can help you make the best decisions when it comes houses on the market. Contact a company like Chris Calhoon Real Estate for more info.