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Luxurious Living In A Studio Apartment

by Arnold Gomez

For many city dwellers, a studio apartment may be the only thing you can afford. But the term studio apartment doesn't mean you have to sacrifice living comfortably and give up enjoying the finer things in life. Here are a few helpful tips to make searching for your next studio-sized apartment easier so you'll be able to live in a small space yet enjoy a high-end lifestyle.

Consider Cubic Feet

Since the type of apartment you're looking for is usually defined by the total number of square footage, look for studio apartments that have high ceilings. This means the total number of cubic feet in the apartment will be greater, giving the place the illusion that it is larger than it really is. Higher ceilings also provide you with more wall space to hang artwork and helps make rooms look larger. Another added benefit is that apartments with higher ceilings tend to offer larger windows, allowing more natural light to come in. With the added height and extra light, your apartment will feel roomier and look better.

Search For Amenities

Just because you're confined to renting a studio apartment, you're not necessarily forced to live in an uncomfortable, tiny place. Look for apartments that provide their residents with extra amenities to compensate for the small amount of living space. These amenities can include anything from an on-site swimming pool and laundry room that's free to use, to a gym that you can use whenever you wish. Extra amenities encourage people to get out and use them, and it can make up for the smaller amount of interior space you'll be paying for. Added benefits like special resident-only amenities are what make luxury apartments different from those considered to be standard.

A Room With A View

Studio apartment living can often make you feel confined. Look for units that offer a decent view from the main windows so you can bring the outside indoors. Some luxury complexes have a courtyard, which can provide you with a truly pleasant view. Others can be located on a city street with a great view of the skyline to give you an authentic downtown living experience. It's also a good idea to get a copy of the floor plan in advance so you can determine if your new studio apartment will be able to accommodate all of your furniture. When it comes to studio apartment living, it's possible to enjoy the luxuries that others enjoy in a much larger space.