A Multi-Family Home

Adding Low Flow Fixtures Before You Sell Your Home

by Arnold Gomez

Low-flow fixtures have sometimes gotten a bad rap. Sure they save money, but do they do the jobs you need them to do?  If you have to flush the stool twice, you certainly are not saving any money. Plus, if your low flow showerhead can't get all the soap out of your hair, you will spend ages trying to cover up the mess so you can be seen out in public. However, prospective homeowners expect updated plumbing and water-saving fixtures and real estate experts recommend that you install them. Fortunately, you can add newer and more efficient low-flow fixtures that you can happily live with while waiting to sell your home. 


The newer models of low-flow showerheads and faucets can actually get you cleaner more quickly while saving water. They often use smaller, better-focused drops, so no water is wasted as you rinse your hands, your dishes, and your entire body. As a result, you do not feel like you are scrimping on water as you go about your daily routine. Plus, these new additions are attractive to prospective buyers. 

When regulations imposed a 1.6 gallon limit per flush, Americans were not happy with the result. They often did not remove all the waste from the toilet on the first flush, requiring at least one more effort if not more. Some people actually searched for older toilets to replace their new models. Fortunately, companies have added design innovations that have solved this problem. The traps have been made wider and pressurized air is now used to aid the water flow. As a result, a lesser amount of water now accomplishes what it needs to do in these toilet models.

Water Savings

Older toilets require about 16,000 gallons a water a year when used by a family of four, costing approximately $32.00 annually. In contrast, 1.6-gallon toilet will cost about $12.80 each year. If you invest in an even lower flow toilet of 1.28 gallons, the water usage will cost approximately $10.24 annually. A low-flow showerhead can save you about $13.00 each year in a household with two people. In addition to the financial savings, you are contributing to a better environment. Presenting these figures to interested buyers can help you "seal the deal."

Low flow appliances have come a long way in the last few years. Although people are always interested in saving money, they still want a brisk shower and an efficient toilet. Earlier models simply didn't provide the type of service that consumers demanded. Newer models, however, have made major improvements, allowing you to be kind to the environment while saving money on your water bill. These improvements will also make your home more attractive to potential buyers.