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Four Home Extras That Can Add Value To Your Home Before Selling

by Arnold Gomez

There are certain things that you can't change much when it comes to your home, such as the age of the house or the neighborhood. However, there are additions you might want to consider that can raise the property value of your home. Here are four perks you might think about adding to your home before selling in order to bring in better offers.

1. New Appliances

New appliances can make a home more move-in ready. When potential homebuyers see dated appliances throughout, it can make them wonder what else is aging. They might also see older appliances as more money that will need to be spent on updates after purchasing a home. If you can splurge a bit on updated, energy efficient appliances in the kitchen and laundry room, this will bring a modern look to your space that buyers will love.

2. New Fencing

If you have low or chain-link fences around your home, adding in more decorative wood or wrought iron in the front can make your home look more appealing. Functionally, taller fencing around the backyard will offer more privacy and can up your property value immediately. While you might want to ask neighbors to chip in with costs, sometimes this might be a project you will have to go alone, but will be worth it in the long run.

3. Original Hardwood

If you or a previous owner installed wall-to-wall carpeting over wooden flooring in your home, taking this down to the original hardwood will bring in more potential buyers. Wooden floors are in style right now, and showcasing this feature can up the value of a home. Don't hide your home's original unique perk of hardwood flooring. Pulling out existing carpets might be easier than you think and can be a quick project that will bring in more potential buyers.

4. Landscaping

While there are quick superficial fixes you can always do to your backyard, if you can add in some functional spaces outdoors, this can make your home worth more money. Decks, pergolas, and outdoor lighting can all make your yard more like an expansion of the home. Be sure to do work with the right permits so that this can add value and isn't a questionable addition to your home.

Be sure to ask your real estate agent what other quick fixes might not only help your home sell, but will up the property value as well. Getting your home in the best shape possible before selling will bring in more offers and up your selling price as well.