A Multi-Family Home

Two Family Friendly Towns In The Orange County Region Of The Hudson Valley With An Easy Commute To Manhattan

by Arnold Gomez

If you are looking to move with your family outside of New York City, then you should consider the Hudson Valley region. Many couples that want to move out of the city end up looking at Westchester or Long Island. There are great homes and areas in both these places, but you should not rule out Orange County.

Getting To/From Orange County

Orange County is located across the Hudson River. You can access it by driving up interstate 87 and crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge. Heading south, you will take 287 and then hook up with interstate 87 and take that south into The Bronx. From there you will cross over the Willis Ave bridge into Manhattan and you will be on the east side (FDR Drive.)

The area is also served by New Jersey Transit. You can take the Bergen-Port Jervis line into south towards Manhattan into Secaucus Junction. You will then transfer to a train that brings you right into Penn Station. If you want to scout out the locations on a weekend, then take any subway to 34th street and walk to the NJ Transit center in Penn Station and buy a roundtrip ticket for the town you want to see.

Here are two family friendly towns.


Tuxedo is a beautiful town located in the shadow of the Ramapo Mountains.  You will have beautiful, almost Swiss like, mountain vistas in your backyard. The area also boats a gorgeous lake (Tuxedo Lake) as well as great parks and hiking trails. The area has also been the site of the Renaissance Fair.

There are lots of restaurants online route 17, which runs through town. You will find everything from sushi and Chinese to classic roadside diners and local bakeries.

There is a stop for the New Jersey Transit (which serves this section of New York) right in the heart of town. The station has not been torn down and modernized, so it still has a classic railway station, which keeps the town looking like you've stepped back in time. You can park your car in the open-air lot.

Goshen (Village)

Goshen is located a bit north of Tuxedo. It is a village located within the larger town called Goshen. The village was formed back in the early 1700s, and as such you will see lots of beautiful old homes. The area was important in early harness racing. There was a large racetrack there, and there currently is a harness racing museum.

The area has lots of popular fast food options and shopping, but it also has quite a nice selection of fine dining, tapas, brewpubs and bistros. These are located around the West Main Street and Church Street sections of the Village.

You drive into Manhattan the same way as you would from Tuxedo, you take 287 to Interstate 87 and then head south.

If you are taking NJ Transit, you will have to drive over to the neighboring town of Salisbury Mills. There is no train stop in Goshen itself. If you are planning on checking out the area, and you don't have a car, then you can take the train out of Penn Station and head to Salisbury Mills. From there call a cab and ride into Goshen. While there are often cabs waiting at the stations to pick up passengers, it might be prudent to check online for a service and have their number in your cell in case you exit the train and there are not cabs lined up waiting.

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