A Multi-Family Home

What To Look For In Potential Homes If You Have Kids

by Arnold Gomez

If you are on the market for a new home, making sure that your realtor is in tune with your family's needs is a must. If you have kids or your family is growing, making this a factor in your home search is important. Here are four things that should be on your non-negotiable list when it comes to vetting potential homes for your family.

1. Scout out Local Parks

Too many families get hung up on having a yard for kids to play in. While this can be a perk, if your home is near a playground, larger park, or recreational facility, this might give your kids more options when it comes to activities. Be sure to scout neighborhoods of potential homes to see if there are fun outdoor and indoor options for your kids when it comes to recreation.

2. Safety First

A huge home or a recently remodeled space won't do your family any good if your kids can't go outside alone because of safety issues. Since open houses usually occur during the day, be sure to revisit a neighborhood during the evening as well to see if this still feels like a safe environment for your kids. Be wary of up-and-coming neighborhoods and also look out for homes that might be in congested, traffic-prone areas that could be unsafe for kids.

3. Family-Friendly Neighborhoods

If you can find a family-oriented neighborhood, this can make for a much better day-to-day experience and will be fun for your kids as well. Try to strike up a conversation with potential neighbors or look out for signs that families are in the neighborhood. These steps will help you decide if your family will fit in well and if a neighborhood caters to the needs of families.

4. The Layout of a Home

While you might get a feel for square footage and the number of bedrooms a home offers in listings, some homes might have hidden perks that can be a benefit to families. Look for homes with larger common areas such as rec rooms or attics that kids can use to spread out. Some homes might have exterior buildings or that kids can use for activities or live in when they are older, adding to the space of your home overall.

While some neighborhoods have plenty of family-friendly homes and options, others might miss the mark. If you can take into account safety, lifestyle, and what a home can offer, you'll be able to weed out homes that don't fit your needs. Work closely with your realtor to make sure you can find a home within your budget that meets all of the needs of your family.