A Multi-Family Home

Housing As A Real Estate Investment: The Choices You'll Make

by Arnold Gomez

Housing can be a great option for investing in real estate. But to make the best purchase decision, you and your real estate agent will need to go over a few key points to find a property that fits your needs. Here are some things to think about. 

What Types of Areas Should You Look In?

You might have thought mostly about investing in property in your home town. However, there are likely to be housing markets in the country that could be even more profitable than your own. You might want to have an agent present you with some alternative communities to look in when choosing your housing properties. 

It's also important to strike a balance between buying property in an area that's already popular and choosing a location that's up-and-coming. With the up-and-coming location, you can benefit by paying lower amounts for the properties up front and then having your investment increase. However, there's more risk in doing so, because the properties that you choose might never become a bustling area. On the other hand, a property in an established area is more costly, but it's less of a risky choice at the same time. 

How Many Tenants Do You Want?

There's also a balance to be found in the number of tenants. With multiple tenants in separate units, you can charge more for a similar number of square feet. However, with more tenants, there comes more upkeep. It's up to you do decide how much time and effort you want to invest into the property. Single family homes often make a great real estate investment for the first-timer; it's easier to get your bearings on the process when you only have one tenant and one vacancy to plan for. 

How Much Do You Want to Invest in Improvements?

No property that you purchase is going to be perfect, and there are often opportunities to fix up your housing in order to charge more for rent. For instance, you can increase the rental amount by adding community amenities such as a communal BBQ, patio, or hot tub. It's worth discussing with your real estate agent how much of your budget should be set aside to invest in renovating the property and adding features. 

No matter what property you choose, it's important to get a thorough evaluate of the potential from a knowledgeable real estate agent. They will be your guide to choosing a property that will bring in returns without being an investment risk.