A Multi-Family Home

Buying A Home With Property: What You Want

by Arnold Gomez

Sometimes it's not the home you are attracted to when buying real estate, it's the property it rests on. Whether it's the private view of the mountains or the city around you, or the privacy factor in having many acres of land between you and your neighbors, property means a lot when buying a new home. Here are key things you want to make sure your property contains when you are buying a home with lots of land.

Ease of access

A home with lots of property may be more convenient to you if you live within a few minutes of your local grocery store, park, or schools. It may not be convenient if the only way you can get a lot of acreage with your home purchase is if you buy property outside of town. Make it clear to your real estate agent that you are interested in buying a home with lots of acreage attached, but only if you still have relatively close access to civilization as a result.


Property lines should be clearly defined prior to buying your new home, not after. Neighbors should know where your home's property ends and you want to be ensured that there are no boundary issues or challenges prior to closing on a sale. This includes knowing what your private watering rights are, who has access to your well (if applicable) and if there are any easements along your property line you should know of.


If you are thinking of buying a home with many acres of land and you would like to turn some of it to farming or pasture land, you want to make sure you are zoned correctly in your area. Otherwise you are looking at additional land that may be better suited for selling in lots to developers or private property buyers. Your real estate agent can help you determine just what you can use your potential land ownership for.

Buying a home with property can be a great way to own real property and gain value in your purchase. If you are buying property so you can build on it or even resell some of your unwanted acreage, you want to make sure you are paying a fair price per square foot for the land you have access to. Have your real estate agent price out many properties with land for you by square foot so you have something to compare your interests to.