A Multi-Family Home

Keys To A Top-Tier Real Estate Listing

by Arnold Gomez

Everyone would love to believe that the best properties sell themselves, but real life real estate property sales require hard work and a significant amount of promotion. Nothing is more important to this process than the listing itself. In most cases, a listing will be the first exposure that many prospective buyers have to a property. Because of this, their first impressions will be formed largely before they have ever seen or stepped foot on the property itself. A great listing can help buyers to consider homes that they might not have otherwise considered, but a poor listing can potentially drive buyers away from a property that they might love.

While whole books could be written about the many ways to improve a listing, there are a few basic steps that you can take to make sure that your property's listing reaches the right buyers.

Understand the Importance of Curb Appeal

While curb appeal is often interpreted to literally mean the appeal of a home as seen from the curb, it is better viewed as all of the ways that a property makes an initial impression with a potential buyer. This means that the appearance of the home from the street matters, but so does the first impression given by its interior. Remember that most of your buyers will see your property for the first time when viewing the listing, and this means that interior photos will be just as prominent as exterior ones. For a home to have wide appeal, both the interior and exterior should tell a story to prospective buyers about what their life will be like there should they decide to purchase.

Don't Skimp on Photography

It is difficult to hide major flaws in a home through good photography, but bad photography can easily make a gorgeous property appear completely underwhelming. Taking listing photos yourself is an option if you are confident in your abilities, but be sure to evaluate your skillset realistically. If you do not believe that your photography skills are sufficient to provide a professional first impression, then the best option is to hire outside help. Not only can a professional photographer help to better show off the best features of a property, but they may also be able to suggest minor changes that can a home more photogenic.

Price Realistically

It's easy to shoot for the moon with a listing that you have confidence in, but it is equally important to understand local market conditions. The fact that a property may be worth a particular dollar amount does not mean that the local market is likely to support a sale at that price. As with anything else, the value of a property is only equal to what the right buyer is willing to pay. By pricing too high, you may drive interested buyers away or even convince them that the property is not a right fit for them.

Get Noticed

Just as the best properties often stubbornly refuse to sell themselves, the best listings are not always seen without a little help. A great listing isn't just about the photos or the description, it is also about your ability to get that listing seen by people who will actually be interested in it. This means leveraging your social and professional networks (both on and offline) to make sure that your listing makes its way in front of as many eyeballs as possible. In some cases, cold calling or even contacting buyers that you have previously worked with may be worthwhile. Not all leads will strike gold, but there is never any harm in reaching a wide field.