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What To Look For When Searching Through Apartment Listings

by Arnold Gomez

Are you looking to move into your first apartment or just to get a change of scenery and move to a new place? You'll need to start searching through apartment listings to find your next home. However, there are some things you can look for when browsing apartment listings that will make the job easier.


Never make assumptions when it comes to parking at an apartment building. Some buildings require you to pay for parking, while others include it with the rent. In addition, you may be limited to how many spots you can have due to a lack of space for all tenants to have a car. This means you could end up having to park on the street or rent a spot from a tenant who is not using their spot.

Included Utilities

It is common for some apartments to have utilities that are included with the price of the rent. If the apartment building uses radiators for heating, it is possible that your water bill will be included with the cost of the rent. Other potential utilities that may be included are a cable or satellite television subscription, natural gas, and electricity.


Many apartment buildings have strict policies on if they allow pets in the building, while others allow pets and limit how many you can have. It is always worth looking into the pet policy if you own a pet, since it may be a deal-breaker for your situation. If pets are allowed, watch out for any nonrefundable pet deposits that are designed to repair damage caused by a pet during your lease.

Security Deposit

While it is common for an apartment building management company to require a month's worth of rent as a security deposit, others may require more based on your credit or rental history. Thankfully, most of this is money that you will eventually get back at the end of the lease as long as you are a good tenant — just make sure you can afford the security deposit at the beginning.


Do not always assume that a place to do laundry will be offered on-site. It is possible that you will need to take your laundry to a laundromat, which can be expensive and inconvenient. If having laundry nearby is a concern for you, make sure that the building offers it either in the unit or in the building.

For more information on apartment listings, contact a real estate agent.