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3 Things Your Security Officer Should Track On Their Daily Activity Report

by Arnold Gomez

There are multiple benefits associated with having onsite commercial security officer services at your company's facilities. Not only will you have a set of eyes ready at all times to detect and deter potential crimes, but you'll have a fast response time should an incident occur at your company. The presence of a security officer can also help your customers feel safer when they're at your business.

To ensure that your security officer is offering maximum utility for your company, you should have them complete a daily activity report. A daily activity report includes valuable details concerning the activities that occur during the security officer's shift. Here are a few things your security officer should always include on their daily report.

1. Information Concerning Arrival, Departure, and Shift Changes

A daily activity report should include information about the logistical activities of the security officers. It should state when each security officer begins and ends their shift (not when they're supposed to begin or end but when the shift change actually occurs). Should a question arise concerning a specific incident or activity, it will be easy to use the report to determine what officer was on duty or present at the time. 

The report should also state what happens when the shift change occurs, such as handing over equipment or keys. Any notes regarding the condition of the equipment should also be noted. 

2. Steps Taken to Prevent Crime

Many security officers have daily tasks that help them prevent crime on the premises. The daily report can assist officers with demonstrating what actions they take to minimize the chance of a criminal incident.

For example, the security officer might make regular patrols throughout the building or outside facilities as spotting a security officer can keep some criminals away. The security officer may turn on lights to conduct lighted inspections of specific areas. Depending on the location of your facility, the security officer may interact with owners and managers of other businesses to learn about potential concerns. 

3. Information Concerning Any Incident or Abnormal Activity

Should any type of incident or abnormal activity occur on the security officer's shift, it's vital that the details regarding the incident be included on the report. Not only do you want basic info, such as the date, time, and people involved, but you want any details regarding the events immediately before or after the incident to be included in the report as well. The officer should note specifically how the incident was handled and whether outside law enforcement was involved.