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Want To Buy A Ranch? 2 Things To Consider

by Arnold Gomez

Buying a ranch is a huge investment so you need to make sure what you are buying is right for you. In order to do this, there are things you need to consider, two of which are listed below. You can then sign the sale papers and start setting up your new ranch.

Type of Soil

You need to make sure you know what the soil type is on the ranch. This is especially true if you ever plan to plant anything. You also need to make sure the soil is strong enough to handle things like a home, barn, and more.

You can take soil samples yourself and take the samples to a local extension office to have the soil tested. If you do this, take separate samples for separate areas of the ranch. Put each sample into separate containers and mark on the container where you got the soil from. Once the soil is tested you will be told what type of soil you have and if any nutrients need to be added to it. If so, you will be told what type of nutrients and how much you should add.

You can purchase soil test kits at garden centers if you would like to do the soil test on your own. These kits come with complete instructions on how to use them. If you are not sure how to purchase the needed nutrients and how to use them, hire a landscape contractor to help you.

Zoning Laws and Requirements

You need to check local zoning laws before you purchase the ranch. This is important as the town the ranch is in may have regulations on how you can use the ranch land and where you can build a home. If you do not get this information and go against the regulations you would likely have to pay a big fine, as well as take down any structures that you have built.

Contact the local zoning office to find out this information. Get all zoning requirements and laws in writing so you can have these as proof. For example, if you build a home and you know you are going by the zoning requirements, you have proof that you are just in case someone says you are not.

Talk to a real estate agent in your area to learn much more about buying a ranch. The agent can go over the above information with you, as well as give you many more tips. You can also browse listings like The Ranches at Belt Creek for more detailed information about what's near you.