A Multi-Family Home

Why Many People Love Cape Cod–Style Houses

by Arnold Gomez

If you are in the market for a single-family home, then you should consider a Cape Cod–style house. A Cape Cod–style house has symmetrical design with a central door and windows on each side of the door. Below are some of the things people love about these houses.

Steep Roofs

Cape Cod–style houses tend to have steep roofs. Steep roofs prevent snow buildup, create extra attic space, and encourage efficient drainage (water flows off steep roofs easily). Consider this architectural style if those sound like things you would admire in your home.


Dormers are structures that project vertically from slanted roofs and contain windows. Dormers might be divisive as far as their aesthetics are concerned, but they do have their benefits. For example, dormers encourage better airflow by providing escape points or vents for heated air. Dormers also create additional entry points for natural light, which helps with illumination and reduces energy usage. A dormer can even serve as an emergency exit area if a fire breaks out on the lower floors.

Shingle Siding

Cape Cod–stylehouses are typically constructed with clapboard or cedar shake shingles as the roofing and siding materials. Originally intended to guard against the threats of harsh winters, the use of wood shakes as siding has been retained even in areas that experience mild winters. The shingles are relatively light, act as acoustic barriers, and are quite stylish since they come in a variety of stains and finishes. Lastly, cedar shakes are also easy to maintain.

Symmetry and Minimalism

The symmetry of a Cape Cod–style house is also one of its strengths, at least as far as aesthetics is concerned. Apart from having a central door flanked with windows on both sides, these houses also feature a central hall with bedrooms on each side. For those who see beauty in symmetry, there are few houses as beautiful as Cape Cod–style houses.

Low Square Footage

Lastly, you may also love the relatively small sizes of Cape Cod–style houses. A small house is easy to clean, maintain, and remodel. Insurance premiums, property taxes, and utility fees are also generally proportional to home sizes. Also, you don't have to worry if you change your mind and want a bigger house in the future since Cape Code houses are easy to remodel due to their symmetrical designs.

The above are just a few examples of outstanding features of Cape Cod–style houses. Consult a real estate agent to help you look for such a house if you love the features discussed above.

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