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Got Rats In Your Home And Garage? 2 Tips To Get Them To Go Away

by Arnold Gomez

If you have seen rats in your home, you need to take care of this problem quickly, as rats can have dozens of babies in one litter. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to get the rats to go away, two of which are listed below.

Remove Rats Using Snap Traps

The first place you should start is in your garage. This is because if you take care of the rats inside your home, any that are left over will likely go straight to the garage. One thing you can do is to set traps. You can purchase these at any pet store or online.

There are snap traps that you will find for mice. These traps are not large enough for rats, however. You will find larger snap traps that are made for rats.  These are great to use if you want to kill the rats that are in your garage. Purchase more than one trap and place them in dark corners of your garage, as well as anywhere there are a lot of things the rats could hide in. 

Use Catch and Release Traps

If you do not want to kill the rats, there are catch and release traps that you can use. These traps look much like a metal or plastic cage. You place bait inside the trap, such as cheese, peanut butter, or bait that you can purchase from a pet store. When the rat enters the trap, the door will automatically close so they cannot get out.

You should purchase several of these traps if you think you have a lot of rats in your home. It will also take time to catch all of them, as you will only trap one rat at a time in most cases. It is very seldom that more than one rat will enter a trap at the same time.  Once you catch the rats you, should take them far away from homes and release them. For example, if you have any large fields in your area, this would be a great place to release them.

If you continue to have problems with rats, you should contact a rat exterminator to help you. This professional will know where rats like to hide and be able to use the right type of traps to get them out of your home.  The rat exterminator can also give you tips on how to prevent more rats from returning.