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3 Kitchen Fixtures Every Luxury Home Should Have

by Arnold Gomez

If you're thinking about buying a luxury home for the first time, you're undoubtedly excited about various features and amenities these types of dwellings provide. If you especially enjoy cooking and baking in your home kitchen, you're probably also happily anticipating having a large kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances and roomy countertops.

However, kitchens in luxury homes aren't only about spaciousness and chef-grade stoves and refrigerators. You can customize your new kitchen with a wide variety of features depending on your personal needs and preferences. For instance, if you routinely bake bread for your family, you'll probably want a standalone baker's oven that provides evenly distributed heat, humidity controls, and other features that take home-baked goods from fair to fabulous. Following are three other features you should consider when planning your luxury kitchen.

1. Warming Drawers 

Warming drawers allow you to keep food items warm when you're juggling with preparations for a large dinner or when a family member is late for dinner. Keeping food warm isn't all they do, however — you can also use them to proof yeasted bread and rolls and to warm plates for serving food. Some warming ovens are even equipped with the functionality to act as slow cookers.

2. Standalone Beverage Stages

With the exception of small mixed-drink bars and wine refrigerators, beverages are basically treated as an afterthought in most home kitchens. Beer, soda, and juice are usually stored wherever there's room in the family refrigerator, and coffee and tea in whatever cupboard space is convenient. Standalone beverage stations offer far more convenience, however. No more rummaging through the refrigerator looking for that stray bottle of juice or can of pop. If small children are a part of the picture, you can include a juice bar, and if your family loves coffee drinks, an espresso bar would be a perfect addition. Beverage stations can be as small or as large as you like depending on the tastes of those in the household. 

3. Pot Fillers

Those who are unfamiliar with amenities of luxury homes probably won't know what a pot filler is, but they're an extremely convenient feature found in high-end kitchens. As their name implies, their purpose is to fill pots. They're a wall-mounted faucet situated right above the range that allows cooks to fill pots with water — no more filling them at the kitchen sink and carrying them to the stove. Other luxury features include walk-in pantries, lighting under, above, and inside cabinets, and customized rollout shelving systems. 

For more information on luxury homes for sale and their potential kitchen features, contact a local real estate agent.