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3 Benefits Of Finding Your Next Home With A Real Estate Agent

by Arnold Gomez

Looking to move into a new home and think you can do it all on your own? If so, you may be in for more than you can handle with hunting for a home. Hire a real estate agent because they are able to help you in the following ways.

Discover New Homes On The Market

One thing that is certain in real estate is that a home that is priced to sell is going to move fast. In fact, it can go up on the market so fast that you miss it due to an offer being accepted before you get around to doing your searching on the weekends or in the evening. A real estate agent is going to be able to find those new listings and bring them to your attention as soon as possible. This will help you avoid missing out on a home because you were busy at work or being with your family.

Find Out About Homes Through Pocket Listings

Sometimes sellers don't want to list their home on the MLS right away. They are either not sure if they want to sell, or just getting a feel for what kind of offers are going to come in on their home. This is known as a pocket listing, and it means that the only way to find out about a home is through a real estate agent. Pocket listings are not only a great way to get the first look at a home before it is listed on the MLS, but to make an offer on a home that you know is not going to be very competitive because others are not aware the home is for sale. 

Tour Homes As Soon As Possible

It can be difficult to schedule a tour of a home when you are doing the browsing on your own. That is because realtors often have the ability to get into a home by using a realtor's lockbox. A seller's agent is not going to give access to their client's home when it is someone that is not represented by an agent, since they are only going to trust that key with local agents that supervise the showing. You'll find that you are able to tour more homes in a row when using a real estate agent because of this, rather than wait for an open house or schedule showings one at a time. Find real estate agents near you today.