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5 Elements to Look for in Temporary Housing for Your Staff

by Arnold Gomez

Do you want to provide corporate housing for your staff who will be in a temporary work location? If so, finding the right housing solution is important to ensure that everyone can continue to focus on their jobs and enjoy their work. What should you look for in terms of temporary living arrangements? Here are a few key elements. 

1. Easy Locations 

Staff at a temporary location generally focus heavily on work, so you'll want to provide housing that makes it easy to get to and from the work location. But, if possible, look for accommodations that also allow for some recreation. This could be anything from easy access to the freeway to a walkable downtown area. 

2. Camaraderie

If your team won't really know the area or people in their temporary location, it's a good idea to get them housing near each other. Ideally, you might look for a large complex where employees can live within walking distance and perhaps even carpool to the job site. Even if only one or a few staff will be temporarily relocating, a corporate housing complex hosts other temporary workers that can help create a sense of community. 

3. The Right Amenities

Talk to your employees about what they want you to look for in amenities. It does a company no good to spend extra funds to find corporate housing with a great pool if no one will actually use it. As you shop for housing choices, write down potential amenities and let employees choose their own priorities. 

4. Choice of Sizes

The right housing complex should provide a variety of options in actual unit sizes and layouts. Longer-term temporary stays often call for visits from family or even friends. Do your employees want to be able to accommodate their kids or spouse on occasions? If so, they may need more space. And someone who wants to bring a lot of comfort items from home may also benefit from larger layout options. 

5. Functional Furnishings

If the housing you select doesn't provide the basic items for daily living, workers will spend time and energy finding what they need. This distracts from the work and may cause frustration or a negative experience. So, whatever accommodations you choose should come with enough space, appliances, and furnishings for everyone to relax and stay healthy. You might even ask employees what furnishings they find most important so you can prioritize these. 

By understanding what your employees need and want for their temporary housing, you can spend the company's budget wisely and keep everyone happy. Learn more about corporate housing options by speaking with a provider in the target area today.