A Multi-Family Home

The Benefits of Using a Military Relocation Service

by Arnold Gomez

Are you in the military and planning on relocating? If so, consider using a military relocation service to help you with all of the logistics. Here are some reasons why they can make your move go smoothly.

They Know All About VA Loans

If you are purchasing a home and need to secure a mortgage, it helps to have someone on your team that knows all about how VA loans work. A military relocation service is going to know the lenders to contact that offer these loans and give you an overview of how the process works as a member of the military. 

The Help You Find a Home

Military relocation services are very similar to a real estate agent since they assist you with finding a home that meets your needs. You give the criteria for the home that you are looking for, and they do the work of sending you homes that fit the description. This saves you the hassle of having to find them on your own. Since you may be looking for temporary or affordable housing, you'll have very strict criteria that need to be met for you to find a home that you like. 

They Help Sell Your Old Home

If you are moving out of a home that you need to sell, they will help handle this transaction as well. It will be nice working with a single service that handles every real estate transaction, even if the two homes are far apart from each other. They can even get in touch with other military members that are relocating to where you currently live and show your home to them.

They Help Arrange the Move

Once you've found a home and are ready to move in, the military relocation service will even help arrange the move itself. This will help make the move as easy as possible for you, which can even include people that pack your belongings if you feel it is necessary. 

They Help With Employment Assistance for Your Spouse

Another service that you may not be aware of is employment assistance for your spouse. Since your move is based on your job as a military member, your spouse is most likely in a situation where they have to leave their current employers since your job is the priority. Thankfully, military relocation services can help find your spouse a new job in the area that you are moving to so that they can stay employed.