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3 Advantages Of Moving To A Studio Apartment Over A One-Bedroom Unit

by Arnold Gomez

After deciding that you are interested in moving to an apartment, you will need to figure out what type of unit to prioritize. Some people may want a large apartment with several bedrooms for sharing with roommates to combat loneliness and maximize savings.

If you are determined to move out on your own, you will likely find that studio and one-bedroom apartments are your best options. While having your own bedroom may seem appealing, you should learn about the noteworthy advantages that come with moving into a studio instead.


When you demand a studio, you can look forward to getting maximum functionality with the place that you live in. Since most studios are smaller than one-bedroom units, you will need to get creative and strategical to fit in all the furniture and decorations that you are interested in.

Although it might not seem easy at first to put a bed, couch, coffee table, dresser, and dining set into a studio, you can find success with a sizable studio and intelligent furniture purchases. Using every bit of space is a great way to feel confident about the money that you spend on a rental.


A major benefit that is easily noticed when you move into a studio apartment compared to a one-bedroom unit is the expenses that you will save. For instance, you should expect lower gas and electric bills since you will not need to cool down and warm up as much space to feel comfortable.

Living in a smaller place also means that you do not need to do as much furniture and decoration shopping to make the unit feel fully furnished.


Once you come up with a budget for apartment living, you may take a peek at studios and one-bedroom units to see what you can get for both of them. This is when you will likely notice that you can get better features such as stainless-steel appliances and granite countertops in a studio.

If you are comfortable with the idea of living in a small space and you know that high-end features would improve your quality of life, you will love picking a studio to live in.

With enough time, effort, and dedication, you may feel rather confident about finding both studios and one-bedroom apartments that you would be happy in. However, you should think about committing to a studio because of these particular advantages that you can enjoy. As such, for more information about studio apartments, contact a real estate agent.