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Tips To Help In Your Search For A Pool Home

by Arnold Gomez

When you are shopping for a home, there may be specific details you want in your future home, such as a main floor laundry, large master suite, room for a backyard garden, or a backyard pool. But when you are shopping for a home with a pool, there are some specific details you want to check into. Here are some recommendations to help you select and purchase a home with a pool.

Inspect the Pool's Condition

When you are shopping for a home to buy, just as with any home purchase, you will want to hire a professional inspection. And when the home has a pool, this step is all the more important because you want to make sure the home and the pool are in good condition, or at least be aware of the pool's defects and issues. 

After you have hired a professional pool inspection, the inspection report will provide you with details of the pool deck and interior lining of the pool, in addition to the pump and filter system. A good pool and superb addition to a home will be in good condition, and all the systems will work effectively to clean the pool. You won't find cracking pool tile, cracked decking, or cracks in the pool lining. Any issues in the pool's structure or materials will need to be repaired or replaced so the pool will be usable. 

With your pool inspection report in hand, you can renegotiate the terms of the home purchase if you need to. This includes changing the purchase price to reflect any repairs that are needed, a request for the seller to correct the problems before the sale, or your backing out of the purchase contract.

Check the Property Safety

Another important detail when looking to buy a pool home is to make sure the pool includes the proper safety equipment and protection. This will include a fence and gate around the pool or the backyard, which will protect it from intrusion. You may also look for a pool area that is monitored by a home security system with video surveillance. This will help you keep an eye on the pool if it is in use or when you are away from home. 

Your homeowner's insurance will likely require you to install a pool inclusion fence and a gate to secure the area, especially if you have small children. And this step may be something you would take care of anyway, so you can ensure the safety of your family.

For more information about buying pool homes, contact a local real estate group, like the Melissa Brackett Group: Roberts Real Estate.