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4 Tips To Maximize Savings On An Apartment Rental

by Arnold Gomez

Moving into an apartment on your own is something you may plan on doing after living with classmates, roommates, or your parents. Prioritizing studios or one-bedroom units is a smart move because these places will have the most affordable rental rates. However, you can get strategic in several other ways to maximize your monthly savings on an apartment rental.

Square Footage

While looking at apartments, you want to pay close attention to the square footage because this will play a major role in determining rental rates. With comparable units, a place that is 600 sq. ft compared to an 800 sq. ft one will likely give you a chance to save on rent every month.

Living in a smaller place makes it beneficial to be strategic with furniture shopping because oversized pieces can make an apartment look and feel small. Fortunately, you can find suitable furniture, both new and used, which allows you to prioritize small apartments for savings.


Most apartments have some amenities for the residents to enjoy. In many cases, you will find these communities have shared laundry facilities if an in-unit washer and dryer are included. Other amenities you will find include a pool, hot tub, fitness center, sauna, and rooftop deck.

Although you may use these amenities, you can maximize your savings by prioritizing apartment buildings and communities without them.


The location of an apartment will have a major impact on the rental price. Picking a safe neighborhood is something you may not be willing to budge on. Fortunately, you can use other location-related details to help you increase your savings on an apartment rental. A great example is picking apartments that are close to highways, busy roads, or industrial businesses.

These places can generate enough noise that others are willing to pay more on rent to live elsewhere. This allows you to save money by living in these noisier locations.


Pay attention to the floor of apartment listings because you may notice that garden-level apartments have lower rent than higher floor units. Living on the bottom floor is often not a cause for concern; you just may not feel comfortable leaving the windows open while asleep.

Another way you can save money is on tall apartment buildings without elevators. Being on a top-floor unit may require climbing several flights of stairs. However, you can use this opportunity to save money because others may not want to or be able to go up many stairs.

Maximizing savings on an apartment rental is easy to do with these tips.