A Multi-Family Home

Avoid Builder's Remorse: Practical Tips To Consider When Planning Your Custom-Built Home

by Arnold Gomez

As exciting as having a new home built can be, there is also a lot of anxiety that goes along with the excitement. There are many details to consider including cost, style, design, and square footage. Having a plan in place prior to the construction planning phase of the build will help you have your dream home constructed without any regrets in the end.

Be real about your budget 

Having a home built that you cannot afford can turn a dream home into a nightmare. Develop a financial plan for your new home construction and stick with it. Once you know your financial limits, you can plan your home with confidence knowing you will not end up with a house you cannot afford to maintain later.

Determine what you will not compromise on

What is the most important detail you want in your dream home? Perhaps it is space for a large kitchen and plenty of room for entertaining. It may be a cozy fireplace or extra bathrooms. Begin by building your budget around the things you are not willing to compromise on.

Choose a layout you can live with

Open living layouts look amazing, but are not the best choice for every family, especially in a busy household. Open layouts can be noisy and distracting. Having your kitchen and living room open makes it great for entertaining but when the kids are playing video games and you are fixing dinner and want to listen to music, you may not appreciate it.

Think about the future

Unless you are building your dream home as a senior citizen, your lifestyle will undergo many changes over time. A multilevel home may seem great now, but as you age, navigating all those stairs can be difficult. Having a separate bedroom for each child may seem wise now but can leave you with a lot of unused rooms when the kids leave home.

You may also want to consider adding a small addition to rent out as an apartment in the future or as a place for aging parents to stay if needed. Adding an addition to your construction gives you plenty of options for generating extra income if needed or to use as a guest house for visitors, etc. 

It can be overwhelming planning a new home. With all the details that go into a new home construction, you need a solid plan to keep things moving smoothly and to ensure you get the outcome desired. Planning prior to meeting with your construction contractor will help them understand exactly what you want for your dream home.

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