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4 Questions To Ask A College Apartment Complex Before Moving In

by Arnold Gomez

Are you getting ready to start in college this semester? Do you want to step away from home and into your own place? If so, why not check out some of the apartments near FSU? Not only do you gain a sense of independence, but it also allows you to save on commute time when going to college classes. Not sure what to look for in your new apartment? Ask yourself some of the following questions when looking.

Are utilities included with the rent?

While not all apartment complexes include your gas, electric, water and trash with the rent; there are some that do. Some complexes might include one of the items, while you are responsible for paying the rest. It is always good to find out what you are going to be responsible for to make sure you have enough money to handle all of the bills every month.

What is their policy on subleasing?

Even though this might not apply to you right now, it makes sense to find it out. What would happen if a few months down the road you were to get an awesome opportunity to go to another college or a job came up that you had been waiting for? Of course, you would want to move and take advantage of the opportunity. Instead of being stuck paying for the lease when you aren't there, you could sublease the place out, provided the complex allows it.

Do they allow pets?

Regardless of whether you have pets now or you want to get one down the road, you need to know their policy on them. For those who are allergic or simply don't want to hear the noise of barking dogs while they sleep, you might want to look for a place that doesn't allow pets to prevent dealing with this issue later on down the road.

Are there any extras included with the rent?

Extras would be things like gym memberships, internet service and so on. Depending on the complex, the amount of extras, if any, is going to vary widely. You want to make sure you take advantage of anything extra they give you, so it doesn't hurt to ask before moving in.

By taking the time to go through the questions above, you can make sure you know what you are getting and whether the place is going to work for you or not.