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Why You Should Use A Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

by Arnold Gomez

To sell your house on your own or enlist the help of a real estate agent? It's a likely conundrum when you want to sell your house. While you might be tempted to avoid using a home selling agent because of potential savings on their commission, the risks of going it alone almost always outweigh the associated benefits.

Here are a few crucial reasons to use a home selling agent.

An agent can help stage your home for sale.

To make a quick and successful sale, you need to make sure your home is showroom-ready for qualified homebuyers to view.

Home selling agents understand what makes homes sell. They can help you accentuate the major selling points of your home so it can get off the market quickly and at the best price possible.

An agent can help avoid emotional sabotage when selling your home.

Understanding what prospective homebuyers care about and appealing to those emotions can help close your home sale real quick. Unfortunately, emotions can be a double-edged sword.

If you take the "for sale by owner" approach, your emotional attachment to your home can make it difficult for you to make rational decisions concerning the sale of the property. This can slow down or even sabotage your home sale.

A home selling agent will keep things professional throughout the home selling process. They'll take the sting out of people who might speak negatively about your home, thus focusing on what helps with your home sale.

An agent can bring the biggest pool of potential buyers to your home.

You have a nice home for sale but do potential buyers know about it? Unless you already have some great offers on the table, selling your home yourself might not be the best idea. You can list your home on multiple realtor websites yourself but it probably won't grab as much attention as similar properties listed by a real estate agent. 

Most prospective homebuyers use real estate agents to find properties that suit their needs and budget. Hiring a home selling agent is a fantastic way to access homebuyers that you couldn't have found yourself.

An agent will dedicate all of their time to finding the right buyer for your home. That way, you can focus on other more important things that require your attention.

While a home selling agent will ask for a small percentage of your home sales price as commission for their services, the benefits they bring can outweigh the costs by far.