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What You Need To Effectively Rent An Office Building

by Arnold Gomez

Renting a whole office building for your practice differs from just renting a single office space within another business or taking on a smaller building space. An office building can be as large as a warehouse or small enough to have just a few single offices and a waiting area depending on what you need.

You can rent an office building using helpful resources. These resources are designed to improve your chances of getting approved for a lease and are also helpful in getting you into the office building space you desire in the first place. Here are things you need to effectively rent an office building.

A Business or Commercial Real Estate Agent

You need a successful real estate agent skilled in business and commercial sales and leases to help you locate and apply for an office building in your area. This is especially the case if you are a startup business with less clout and history than other businesses, you're new to this type of real estate, or you don't have a large budget to work with. Your real estate agent will work with you personally to help you locate the right office building to rent that meets your location and financial needs.

A Down Payment, Business Plan, and Other Clout

When you rent an office building, a landlord is going to want to have some kind of proof and verification that you can rent the building for as long as the lease is for and that you have the funds to back it up. An office building may have a lease for several years at a time, which is why having a business plan in place can be a good move. A business plan with your future business goals and financial aspirations can show a landlord that you're ready to take the plunge into a large lease.

A down payment is necessary to get into an office building as well. This is money to secure your spot for the lease and often covers a first and last months' lease as well as any potential damages that may occur while renting the space. The more money you have on hand to put down on a lease, the more availability of office building leases you can look into.

Sit down with your real estate professional and come up with a plan for leasing properties in your area. The right office building will be properly located for your business needs, have the office space you want for you and your employees, and will be affordable as well.

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