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Buying A House? 5 Ways To Help Your Realtor Help You

by Arnold Gomez

Buying a home in a hot housing market is a challenge. You'll need to be proactive, act quickly, and know what you want. A professional realtor can help. How can you help them get you the best home for the best price? Here are a few ways to do so.

1. Communicate Through Them. Realtors are skilled communicators and negotiators. They know when to speak and what to say — as well as when to hold back. Most homeowners aren't familiar with the nuances of working with a home seller, so they can easily cause problems without realizing it. Let your realtor do the talking and rely on their experience in this.

2. Look at the Bones. When choosing a property — especially in a tight market — look beyond the surface. Rather than focus on paint colors, trim details, or needed updates, look for a good structure. See its stability, quality materials, or lack of serious renovation needed. This perspective will help the realtor find you a great house more quickly and successfully. 

3. Know Your Pricing. Soft real estate markets are good times to make low offers, but a tight market isn't. You must be prepared to make offers at any time — and those offers must be good quality. If the realtor advises you about the state of the market in your target area, listen to their advice and follow it. 

4. Be Ready to Go. Along with knowing what you want to pay, be ready to pay it. It's a good idea to meet with a realtor even before you plan to start house shopping. They can help you get ready to buy, including things like securing a mortgage, improving credit, or developing a budget. 

5. Keep Close to the Vest. Buying a house is a negotiation, so you don't want to be too open about your cards. An overeager buyer is a seller's dream. On the other hand, one who wants to wait may be written off by a buyer. Don't worry about finding this fine line because your pro realtor already knows it. Ask for tips to avoid giving away your hand and follow their lead during interactions with sellers and agents. 

Where to Start

Want more tips to help your realtor help you? Start by meeting with an experienced realtor in the area you want to buy. No matter where you are in the house shopping process, their guidance will result in a smoother purchase and a more satisfied new homeowner. For more information, contact a realtor near you.