A Multi-Family Home

Insight To Help Prepare For A Successful Real Estate Appraisal

by Arnold Gomez

When you own your own home, there are some important situations where you will need to have a good understanding of the property's value with a state-certified appraisal. Whether you are selling your home or the home or a relative after their death, or you need to borrow against your home's equity, a professional real estate appraisal is the right step. The following provides you with some tips to help you with an upcoming real estate appraisal.

Provide Details of Your Property

With property ownership, you will be interested in the land's lot size, including its edges and borders against any adjoining land. The size of the lot will be measured in acres, whether it is a portion of one acre or many acres in size, which will include details and a description of the lot boundaries. You can usually find this information through your local county office or you may already have a copy of the plot description from when the property was purchased or financed.

It is a good idea that you do some research about your property's boundaries and where they physically are on the land so you can identify them on your own land. Then, with a description and a plot map, you will be prepared for the property appraisal to take place. Your real estate appraiser is going to be certified by the state, but it is always good to have an idea of what they will report back to you.

Submit Upgrade and Home Information

It is common for a property to receive improvements over the years and to have updates made to the land and its lot boundaries. If any changes have occurred to the property that you are aware of and which can affect the valuation of the real estate appraisal, have any documents available so you can show them to the appraiser. 

Some types of upgrades and improvements may include an addition onto the home or an expansion of the property to include an extra plot of land, whether it is for agricultural use or an extra building. If you have a new building constructed on the property, such as a garage, shed, or guest house, make sure you have the documents showing they were approved by the building office and were completed to local code. These steps can help make sure the appraiser has all the information they need to proceed with a thorough and correct appraisal of the property.

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