A Multi-Family Home

  • Understanding Real Estate Auctions And The Benefits They Offer

    20 April 2023

    Real estate auctions are an excellent way to sell properties nowadays. Although they were once considered a last resort method to sell properties, the perceptions have changed, and now it has become an effective method for sellers looking for a quick sale or who want to avoid high real estate agent fees. Real Estate Auctions In a real estate auction, a property is sold to the highest bidder, and the sale is completed within a specific time frame.

  • Avoid Builder's Remorse: Practical Tips To Consider When Planning Your Custom-Built Home

    28 February 2023

    As exciting as having a new home built can be, there is also a lot of anxiety that goes along with the excitement. There are many details to consider including cost, style, design, and square footage. Having a plan in place prior to the construction planning phase of the build will help you have your dream home constructed without any regrets in the end. Be real about your budget  Having a home built that you cannot afford can turn a dream home into a nightmare.

  • Why Have A Maintenance Tech On Your Team At Your Real Estate Office?

    19 January 2023

    Whether you own and operate a real estate company or you are a real estate agent who works for a real estate firm, you want to make sure the end customer, who is buying or selling real estate, has the best experience. After all, purchasing real estate for many people is the most expensive investment a person can make and you want to make sure people feel they are getting their money's worth in your hands.

  • 4 Tips For Making An Offer On A Home You Want To Purchase

    20 December 2022

    Have you been looking for a home to purchase and finally found one that interests you? If so, you'll need to put in a formal offer with the seller and hope that they accept it. Here are some tips for making an offer to give you the best chance of having it accepted. Act Quickly Making an offer on a home is not something you want to think about for weeks.

  • Understanding NNN Real Estate

    27 October 2022

    Commercial real estate investors focus on cash flow. They are looking for sound real estate investments that provide steady and predictable cash flow. NNN commercial real estate for sale fits the bill. Here's why. What Is NNN Commercial Real Estate? Have you ever heard of NNN real estate but weren't quite sure what it meant? NNN stands for triple net, which refers to a special commercial lease agreement. In a triple net lease, the tenant is responsible for rent and all three of the property's operating expenses, including utilities, taxes, and maintenance.

  • Questions To Discuss With Your Home Selling Agent

    3 October 2022

    So, you've decided to sell your house to upgrade to a new one. Many homeowners decide to do this at some point, but selling a house isn't something you might know a lot about. Therefore, you might want to turn to a real estate agent for some help. Your agent can assist with the sale, but they'll likely begin by answering your questions. Here is a guide to know what questions to discuss with your home selling agent before signing the contract.

  • Buying A House? 5 Ways To Help Your Realtor Help You

    18 July 2022

    Buying a home in a hot housing market is a challenge. You'll need to be proactive, act quickly, and know what you want. A professional realtor can help. How can you help them get you the best home for the best price? Here are a few ways to do so. 1. Communicate Through Them. Realtors are skilled communicators and negotiators. They know when to speak and what to say — as well as when to hold back.

  • Insight To Help Prepare For A Successful Real Estate Appraisal

    18 July 2022

    When you own your own home, there are some important situations where you will need to have a good understanding of the property's value with a state-certified appraisal. Whether you are selling your home or the home or a relative after their death, or you need to borrow against your home's equity, a professional real estate appraisal is the right step. The following provides you with some tips to help you with an upcoming real estate appraisal.

  • Insights for Successfully Searching & Selecting a Vacation Cabin

    17 June 2022

    Life at your own cabin can be relaxing, quiet, and a good time to spend away from the busy city life and your regular routine. So when you have the opportunity to purchase your own cabin property at a great location, it is a good idea to check out the cabin's potential and areas from several different aspects. Here are some recommendations for you to consider as you look for the right cabin to buy.

  • 4 Tips To Maximize Savings On An Apartment Rental

    28 April 2022

    Moving into an apartment on your own is something you may plan on doing after living with classmates, roommates, or your parents. Prioritizing studios or one-bedroom units is a smart move because these places will have the most affordable rental rates. However, you can get strategic in several other ways to maximize your monthly savings on an apartment rental. Square Footage While looking at apartments, you want to pay close attention to the square footage because this will play a major role in determining rental rates.