A Multi-Family Home

  • Are You Entrusting Your Home Listing To The Right Agent?

    31 July 2016

    Even a great home doesn't always sell itself; it can take the help of the right real estate agent to close the sale. That's why choosing the right real estate agent is a big decision. Before you entrust your listing to an agent, make sure that they meet the criteria below.  Are They Tech-Savvy? One of the first things to look at is if your real estate agent understands the technologies that are disrupting the real estate sector.

  • How To Buy A Home When Relocating

    25 July 2016

    Whether you are relocating to a different state or a different city within your current state, purchasing a home can be a difficult process with you being so far away from the area. That's why it is important you know the right tips for doing this the right way. Here's how to buy a home when you relocate: Use a Real Estate Agent: First off, buying a home without an agent is challenging in and of itself, let alone when trying to do it from a totally separate area.

  • Three Reasons Freelancers Should Rent Shared Office Space

    15 July 2016

    The most important piece of advice for freelancers is "if you want your business to be successful, you have to treat it like a business." This means you hold yourself accountable, stick to a schedule, and do most of the things you would do if you were working for someone else. In recent years, many cities and small towns have seen the implementation of rentable office space for freelancers, salespeople and others who need office space to conduct business operations.

  • How To Clean Mold From Water Damaged Wood Paneling

    6 July 2016

    If you have water damaged wood paneling, it increases the risk of mold. Sometimes, the water damage isn't noticeable on the outside because of a damaged pipe or a hole in the ceiling, but the mold still appears. Mold is commonly orange, white, or black, and it has a musty smell. You should be able to clean mold patches that are less than ten square feet  yourself. Here are some tips to clean mold from wood paneling.

  • Two Family Friendly Towns In The Orange County Region Of The Hudson Valley With An Easy Commute To Manhattan

    27 June 2016

    If you are looking to move with your family outside of New York City, then you should consider the Hudson Valley region. Many couples that want to move out of the city end up looking at Westchester or Long Island. There are great homes and areas in both these places, but you should not rule out Orange County. Getting To/From Orange County Orange County is located across the Hudson River. You can access it by driving up interstate 87 and crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge.

  • The Beach Is Calling: 4 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Beach House

    20 June 2016

    You've always dreamed of living on the beach and now you can. Before you start looking for beach houses, make sure you're ready for the process. The steps provided below will help you find the perfect beach house. Rent First If you're not sure where you want your beach house to be, talk to your real estate agent about renting first. Your agent will be able to locate vacation rentals in the areas you're considering.

  • 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy A Vacation Rental

    8 June 2016

    Are you considering purchasing a vacation rental in one of your favorite destinations? A vacation rental gives you a great way to visit your favorite spot on a regular basis and possibly make a little extra income when you're not there. Of course, vacation rental ownership can be complicated. You may find that you don't visit as much as you expected, or it could be possible that the property's costs are higher than you anticipated.