A Multi-Family Home

  • Selling In A Buyer's Market? 4 Tips For A Successful Open House

    28 May 2016

    Selling your home in a buyer's market can be difficult, at best. If you're trying to sell your home right now, you want to make sure you have the best chance at success. You're going to need the right people to see it. That's means you're going to need an open house – but not just any open house. You're going to need to have a successful open house, and that's going to take some planning.

  • What To Look For When House Shopping With Elderly Parents

    23 May 2016

    When your elderly parents choose to downsize their home and ask you to help them choose the right house for them, there are many things you need to consider. You want them to live independently without the worry of having too much house to take care of. Here are things to look for when you are searching homes for sale for your older parents. Ease of access You want to look for houses that have easy entry both in and out of the home.

  • 3 Home Features That Can Boost Comfort and Resale Value

    12 May 2016

    Two of the most important aspects to keep in mind when buying a new home are comfort and resale value, mostly because you want to be able to enjoy your new home while you live there but still want to make a decent profit when you choose to sell the home in the future. Listed below are just three of the many home features to look for that can boost your comfort and resale value.

  • Ten Tips For Becoming The Landlord Everyone Wants To Rent From

    30 April 2016

    A rental home that sits empty for months at a time is a financial drain that few property owners can afford. To avoid this, it is necessary for owners to make their property more appealing than others in the area. Some of this will require investing a little money, but the result could be a home that remains continuously occupied. Keep it Maintained Rental home repairs should be completed as quickly as they would if the owner were living there.

  • Four Home Extras That Can Add Value To Your Home Before Selling

    29 April 2016

    There are certain things that you can't change much when it comes to your home, such as the age of the house or the neighborhood. However, there are additions you might want to consider that can raise the property value of your home. Here are four perks you might think about adding to your home before selling in order to bring in better offers. 1. New Appliances New appliances can make a home more move-in ready.

  • Adding Low Flow Fixtures Before You Sell Your Home

    25 April 2016

    Low-flow fixtures have sometimes gotten a bad rap. Sure they save money, but do they do the jobs you need them to do?  If you have to flush the stool twice, you certainly are not saving any money. Plus, if your low flow showerhead can't get all the soap out of your hair, you will spend ages trying to cover up the mess so you can be seen out in public.

  • Tips For Taking Photos For Your Real Estate Listing

    19 April 2016

    If you are trying to sell some property, the chances are excellent that you are going to need to put out listings so that people know that the sale is available and are able to preview the property to see if it is worth their time. In order to increase the amount of interest that your listing garners, you will need to be sure that you take some amazing photos of the property that you are trying to sell.