A Multi-Family Home

  • Four Home Extras That Can Add Value To Your Home Before Selling

    29 April 2016

    There are certain things that you can't change much when it comes to your home, such as the age of the house or the neighborhood. However, there are additions you might want to consider that can raise the property value of your home. Here are four perks you might think about adding to your home before selling in order to bring in better offers. 1. New Appliances New appliances can make a home more move-in ready.

  • Adding Low Flow Fixtures Before You Sell Your Home

    25 April 2016

    Low-flow fixtures have sometimes gotten a bad rap. Sure they save money, but do they do the jobs you need them to do?  If you have to flush the stool twice, you certainly are not saving any money. Plus, if your low flow showerhead can't get all the soap out of your hair, you will spend ages trying to cover up the mess so you can be seen out in public.

  • Tips For Taking Photos For Your Real Estate Listing

    19 April 2016

    If you are trying to sell some property, the chances are excellent that you are going to need to put out listings so that people know that the sale is available and are able to preview the property to see if it is worth their time. In order to increase the amount of interest that your listing garners, you will need to be sure that you take some amazing photos of the property that you are trying to sell.

  • Luxurious Living In A Studio Apartment

    14 April 2016

    For many city dwellers, a studio apartment may be the only thing you can afford. But the term studio apartment doesn't mean you have to sacrifice living comfortably and give up enjoying the finer things in life. Here are a few helpful tips to make searching for your next studio-sized apartment easier so you'll be able to live in a small space yet enjoy a high-end lifestyle. Consider Cubic Feet

  • Tips For Buying A Home - Why Listening To Your Real Estate Agent Can Make All Of The Difference

    13 April 2016

    Buying a home can feel like an incredibly personal process. While you may have a real estate agent on hand to help you through the process, there will always be final decisions that will be up to you. Here are four areas of the home buying process where your real estate agent is looking out for your best interests. 1. Looking at Fixer-Uppers While there are buyers that really want a move-in ready home, this might not fit in with your budgetary needs.

  • Space Saving Tips You Can Borrow From Tiny Apartments

    11 April 2016

    The trend of living in a tiny or micro apartment swept across Europe and has now become very popular within the United States. The idea of living simply with less material things, for a better price appeals to many. You can borrow some space saving tips from these micro apartments and apply them to your own apartment – even if you have a couple hundred more feet of space. Stowaway Beds

  • 3 Ways To Place A Winning Bid On A Home

    24 February 2016

    In an ideal world, you would find your dream home and buy it without any issues. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Not only could you face competition from other buyers, but you also face the possible rejection of your bid by the seller. If you are in the market for a new home, here are some tips for crafting a winning bid.  Research the Market Before you place your bid, you need to be familiar with the housing market in the area.